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Transfer cases are a critical part of a 4-wheel drive system. When you have a defective transfer case, getting it replaced requires that you have the correct supplier. Premier Powertrain can assure that you have everything needed to hit the road again, no matter what kind of vehicle you are driving.

Transfer Case Types

One of the first things you’ll come across with Premier Powertrain is that we offer an extensive line of transfer cases.

We carry domestic American made units only. We supply you with Ford transfer cases, GM transfer cases, Chrysler (Dodge/Jeep) transfer cases, and many other transfer cases.

Make the Right Choice

Premier Powertrain is known for supplying a wide variety of top quality powertrain components, and that is the same for our transfer cases. We offer many different top quality remanufactured and rebuilt transfer cases. You simply can not go wrong with either one.

Rebuilt transfer cases are a bit different. Our rebuilt transfer cases have all the failed components replaced, the entire case cleaned and inspected, and a full test before we authorize them for sale.

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