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You're looking for Jasper engines. We sell a high quality all OEM engine which is better than a Jasper engine at a much more affordable price. In our opinion a better quality engine because we use all OEM American made parts in our remanufacturing process. 

Jasper uses a lot of foreign parts and in many cases, we are up to half the cost of a Jasper engine and we feel that is a lot to pay for just the Jasper name.
Our Commitment to You 

Premier Powertrain started with the idea of keeping our favorite American vehicles running by renewing what we already know to be reliable and familiar. Just because something is old doesn't mean it should be discarded.

We use all OEM American made parts in our better than Jasper engines and we never take shortcuts. We place a Premium on our customer's satisfaction. Welcome to Premier Powertrain. We look forward to working with you!

Popular Engines

5.4L 3V Engine

5.3L Engine

5.7L Hemi Engine

3.8L Engine



Original Manufacturer's Warranty
Updated to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Specs
Affordable Price to Fit Your Budget
New vs. Remanufactured vs. Rebuilt
New factory engines/transmissions come with the original manufacturer’s warranty. New engines/transmissions are typically limited to newer model years.
Remanufactured engines and transmissions are unique. We use all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) 100% American made parts in our remanufacturing process. All of our remanufactured engines/transmissions have been updated with the latest manufactures improvements.
With all the updates, we like to say they are better than new! But unlike new engines/transmissions you would buy direct from the manufacturer, our remanufactured engines or remanufactured transmissions are up to half the cost of the original manufacturer's price. Most commonly backed by a 3 Year/100K mile Nationwide parts & labor warranty.
Rebuilt engines/transmissions are an alternative to new or remanufactured engines/transmissions and may better fit your budget. All parts that are not functioning are replaced with new parts. All other parts that are within the tolerance are reused in the engine. They typically come with a 6-12 month limited mile warranty.
Price Match Guarantee
We carry all domestic manufactured vehicle engines and transmissions. Our inventory and buying power means that our prices are the most competitive in the business. If you find it for less, we'll match it! Our inventory options are endless.
We carry many manufactured vehicle engines between 1995 and 2017 model years. If your model isn't on the list, just give us a call. We probably have it!
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What We Have To Offer

Premier Powertrain offers a huge selection of powertrain components in the industry. We carry a variety of powertrain components as well as a variety of different conditions including new, remanufactured, and rebuilt. Available products include:

  • Rebuilt Engines
  • Rebuilt Transmissions
  • Rebuilt Transfer Cases
  • Rebuilt Differentials
  • Crate Engines
  • Parts Kits


Engine Price Comparison

Premier Powertrain vs. Jasper Engines and Transmissions

 The Premier DifferenceCompare us to our competitors, such as Jasper Engines. We use all OEM parts, whereas Jasper Engines uses foreign and aftermarket parts.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are original parts made by the same manufacturer and are made specifically for your engine or transmission. Aftermarket parts are not made by the original manufacturer, but by another company and are meant to be used just as a replacement. This often results in lower quality and poor performance.When comparing Premier Powertrain to Jasper Engines, another big comparison is Core Return. Jasper has several ways to deduct from your Core deposit that results in less money for you. Premier Powertrain has a more lenient Core return policy where our goal is to refund 100% of your Core deposit every time.

CORE Refund

 When comparing Premier Powertrain to Jasper Engines, another big comparison is Core Return. Jasper has several ways to deduct from your Core deposit that results in less money for you. Premier Powertrain has a more lenient Core return policy where our goal is to refund 100% of your Core deposit every time.


 Affordable Quality. The only smart way to shop. Our commitment to you is to provide higher quality products without you having to break the bank. Compare some of our OEM rebuilt engine prices and rebuilt transmission prices to aftermarket Jasper Engines and Transmissions:

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